Selling your house can be tricky. There are potential obstacles which can adversely affect the price and ability to sell your house. ASCEND can help you identify selling points (presentation, curbside appeal, unique features) and navigate issues such as closing costs, potential legal issues, "caveat emptor", requests for repairs, earnest money, and much more.

Further, ASCEND will get your house in front of 1000s of Realtors with buyers who are interested in seeing your house. A well-priced house that is expertly marketed will usually attract a tremendous amount of attention from potential buyers.

A Word about "For Sale By Owners (FSBO)"

Getting started is easy!

1. Get a free CMA. Call ASCEND at 256-417-2207. We will ask you some easy questions about your house and property. We will email a FREE Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) to you. CMAs determine the approximate value of your house. You may be surprised at how much your house is actually worth!

2. Set up a listing appointment. We will schedule a time with you to meet at your house and discuss selling points, actions that you can take to increase the value, and a time frame for marketing your house. We will then sign the listing paperwork.

3. We List and Market your house. We will get your house in front of 1000s of potential buyers and their Realtors, and will strive to get the best offer possible. We will present each and every offer to you, citing the pros and cons of each offer, and will provide you with an estimate of closing costs of your accepted offer so that you will have a great idea about how much you will make from the sale. Note that we do not charge you a dime unless we present an offer that you accept or present a buyer who is ready, willing, and able to purchase your house at your sale price or higher!

4. Move through the selling process. We will guide you through each step of the selling process from accepting an offer to exchanging ownership at the closing table. During the contract process, the Buyers will usually want to have inspections, appraisals, infestation reports (termites and wood-eating fungi), and repair requests. ASCEND will help you to expertly navigate these potential pitfalls.

5. Get ready to Move! You will need to have a plan to move if the house sells quickly. Once you accept an offer, you will have approximately 30-60 days to relocate. We will help you to create a solid transition plan to avoid unnecessary stress.