"Albatross Around The Neck" - an albatross around your neck means something that causes you great problems from which you cannot escape, which may prevent you from doing what you want to do.

A Fixer Upper is a prime example of an Albatross Around The Neck. It is a house that needs work and has become a burden. Often, there are serious issues with the house including major cosmetic issues, roof issues, foundation issues, heating/air issues, siding issues, floor issues, window issues ... and the list goes on and on!

ASCEND loves to buy Fixer Uppers for cash! No matter what the condition or the situation, we want to give you CASH for it.

Why sell your house to ASCEND?
  • Pay no more taxes or insurance on unusable property
  • "As is, where is" - you will not have to do anything to the house
  • ASCEND pays all closing costs, including back taxes to the previous October
  • No more liability with break-ins, worries about it getting condemned by the city, or people injuring themselves on the property
  • Helps the city by increasing property tax value
  • Increases the property values of the other houses in the area
  • Assures that the house will no longer waste space
  • Quick sale, fast cash
  • No legal encumbrances or title issues after closing
  • Remove your Albatross from your neck!

    ASCEND wants to talk with you about buying that albatross. Please give us a call anytime!